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What we do

We subscribe to a “glocal” approach (thinking about growth in both local and global contexts) to business development. This allows our clients to cater to home-base customers while building and maintaining the ability for regional, national and international expansion. Our non-profit clients can also benefit from our expertise in grant writing, capacity building and in forming beneficial alliances. We value strong research, a mix of traditional and creative methodologies, and measurable outcomes. Our boutique approach to project management means each client will benefit from a unique mix of service offerings to facilitate effective communication across cultures and borders.

Why LanguageFish?

We are truly a talented, international group. Our strategic communications team hails from the United States, Canada, South Africa, Germany, Brazil and Guyana, with professional training in law, public diplomacy, online technology, interactive design, business management, non-profit development and global communication. Our translators are certified and specialize in areas that include immigration, business, legal and medical, among others. They are assigned projects based on experience and expertise.

We also understand that cost is important to your strategic planning so we make resource management an important part of our proposals.

We are confident we can help you grow beyond your physical and cultural borders with an effective, measurable communication strategy.

Our Companies

Certified Translation
Certified & Notarized Document Translation for a Low Flat Rate.

Translation Services
Let OfficialTranslate help you communicate and grow beyond your borders.